Comprehensive Fumigation Services

Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
  • Comprehensive Fumigation Services - Ghana
Description :

We basically advise structural fumigation which is same as the IPMS Integrated Pest Management System because we know from experience that it is the most effective way to exterminate broad spectrum insects from your home. Since customer satisfaction is our main priority, we ensure that every job is done with the care it deserves, treating each and every property as if it were our own.

Why Fumigate?

A.Why are buildings fumigated?
Insects that feed or tunnel into wood can seriously damage houses, apartments, and other dwellings or structures. Statistics has shown that termites or other wood destroying insects damage approximatley 2 million homes per annum. Depending on the extent or location of the infestations, fumigation is the only total control method proven to elimitate certain infestetions of wood destroying insects.

B.Why is whole structural fumigation better?
While there are many alternatives to fumigation, we specialize only in whole structural fumigaiton. We are confident that it is the best way to eliminate infestation 100% in the whole house.We make use of very effective ecofriendly chemicals which we usually mixed by our experts to erradicate insect that enables the chemical to penetrate the walls in order to kill termites that sometimes are not detected by the inspector.

C.Will my house be safe afterwards?
One major concern many people seem to have, is that since their home is being filled up with chemical, how safe will it be afterwards, and what do we do to make it safe for them. Since they are ecofriendly chemicals all you need we need do is to monitor the property for 6 hours of after work duration during which the chemical would have finished its complete work ,so we open up for ventilation so that the occupants rehabilitation into their property.

In addition to the work preformed by us, it is your responsibility to help prepare your home for the fumigation. Taking the following steps prior to fumigation helps ensure its success, resulting in the elimination of drywood termites and/or beetles.

1.)Does whole-structure fumigation kill other pests in my home, such as spiders, ants and lizards?

Fumigation professionals calculate the fumigant dosage they use based on the target pest they are eliminating, such as drywood termites. If you would like to control other pests in your home, talk to your local fumigation professional about setting up a specific pest control plan for those pests. We only guarantee for the target pest we are fumigating for.

2.)How long is the warranty?
The warranty for the fumigation varies depending on the inspection company. The inspection company will have to be contacted in order to receive this information.Basically every fumigation service will carry the facility for a duration of 3 months before another fumigation will be needed.

3.)What time can occupants reenter property?
The occupant may reenter their property anytime after 6hours standard time intervals agreeable world wide of the fumigation.

4.) What food items do I need to bag up?
We recommend that all food be removed entirely from the property. If your primary contractor (termite company) provides you with Nylo Fume bags, you may duble bag your food and put it back in your refrigerator, freezer , or store on kitchen if refrigeration is not necessary. If they do not provide bags, all food items must be REMOVED from the property. THIS IS REQUIRED BY LAW.

5.)Is there a need to wash items following a fumigation?
Generally washing items is necessary after fumigation(especially the kitchen cooking plates if they are not properlly coverred)

6.)Do I have to notify my neighbors?
Currently only as a matter of courtesy, however if we requre access to any part of their property to be able to compleate our work, then a neighbors release will be needed.

Our prizes are usually pocket friendly and although we already have the standard market rating for every job, we are also are aware via experience that the approach to jobs varies and its not a "one size fit all".So our charges are given upon inquiring from our client the size of the property we are to fumigate. When this is satisfactorily done by both parties agreement upon a certain amount then we go ahead to consummate the task.

Fear of God, Commitment, Faithfulness to task at hand, Accountability, Customers Satisfaction.


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