Quantum Energy Saver Card

Quantum Energy Saver Card - Ghana
  • Quantum Energy Saver Card - Ghana
Description :

The Quantum Energy Saving Card is a breakthrough invention in quantum physics that can help save fuel, increase horsepower, reduce gas emissions, and extend engine life. Embedded 16000 negative ions, energy and FIR saves up to 10%-30% of gasoline fuel consumption. A quantum physics solution for gasoline savings in the latest generation of advanced countries. Breakthrough technology is legal and fully compliant with safety standards. Space saving and easy installation. No blockage, no change to the DB box, no damage to existing wires, no electromagnetic interference. No service charge, completely free maintenance.

Reduce gasoline waste, increase efficiency and power factor, and increase production efficiency. Extend the life of automotive machinery and equipment. Efficient for all gasoline (lead or lead-free) and diesel fueled vehicles.The product is affordable and competitively priced.The advancement of science and technology has solved many problems in the society. The application of quantum technology has revolutionized the fuel-saving technology!

Quantum Fuel Saver Sticker

It makes your fuel runs like tortoise whiles maximizing your engine’s performance!!


The most advanced fuel economy and energy saving quantum physics solution;

It makes your fuel runs like tortoise whiles maximizing your engine’s performance.
The energy saving rate of fuel reaches 10%-30%;

3Extend the life of equipment such as electrical appliances and automobile engines

The fuel-saving card helps all fuel molecules become smaller and easier to burn. Savings can be achieved when the fuel is fully burned
Space saving, convenient carrying and simple installation;

No need to change the original equipment structure, do not harm the existing lines, no electromagnetic interference;

Reduce electricity and gasoline waste, improve efficiency and power factor, and improve production efficiency;

Reduce the harm of harmful electromagnetic radiation from electronic technology smoke to the human body and enhance protection;

Release up to 16000 negative ion energy and FIR to improve the healthy environment.

Suitable for all gasoline (lead or lead-free), diesel fueled cars and motorcycles, etc


Negative ions can resolve molecules

Quantum energy-saving cards are used to change the concentration of fuel molecules from “groups” to “single molecules” through nano-quantum anion reaction technology.

It can resolve negative ions of fuel molecules, reduce surface tension and improve combustion efficiency.

The fuel-saving card helps all fuel molecules become smaller and easier to burn. Savings can be achieved when the fuel is fully burned.

It can release oxygen molecules

Quantum energy-saving cards use nano negative ion technology to release and activate negatively charged oxygen molecules. Research tests have shown that this technology can increase oxygen inhalation by up to 20%.

Energy saving card instructions and cost performance

The installation location and method:

Stick the energy-saving card to the inside of the fuel tank cap before refueling. For the first time, after the oil in your fuel tank is used up, stick the energy-saving card and re-fill the tank. This way you can see its fuel-saving effect compared to the usual oil consumption.

Scope of application: Suitable for all petrol (lead or lead-free) and diesel fuel vehicles.

Technical indicators

Project Name: International Energy Saving Card

Material: energy saving energy

Negative ion and FIR size: 54 mm x 36 mm, thickness 1-1.4 mm

The use of energy-saving cards:
(1) Open the outer packaging and take out the oil card. Hold the oil card in your hand for a while.

(2) Stick to the outside of the fuel tank, that is, the side of the fuel filler, or the small door, and use double-sided tape to protect against falling.

(3) Empty the driving chart or record the kilometer reading, and attach the oil card to test the percentage of fuel saved per kilometer

) Proportion of fuel-saving card usage:

Use 1 energy saving card (less than 1000CC)

Use 2 energy-saving cards (1001CC-2000CC)

Use 3 energy-saving cards (2001CC-3000CC)

Use 4 energy saving cards (3001-4000CC)

Use 5 energy-saving cards (4001CC or more)

The fourth generation of quantum energy-saving cards (embedded negative ions 16000)

(6) Technical indicators

Function: fuel-efficient, healthy

Material: Aviation special materials, negative ions and FIR

Size: Size: 54 mm X 36 mm

Ions: up to 16000 FIR negative ions

Brand advantage and market development space

★The breakthrough in the latest application fields of quantum technology has completely solved the dilemma of the fuel economy of motor vehicles, which has a milestone significance. The emergence of quantum fuel-saving cards fills the gap between reducing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions. Through quantum technology, the combination of negative ions and far-infrared rays, the arrangement of oil molecules is changed, gasoline is more fully burned, and the power of motor vehicles is stronger. And it can effectively remove carbon deposits, reduce exhaust emissions and other effects to reduce the radiation of electronic technology smoke to the human body. It promotes human health and creates a low-carbon, environmentally friendly living environment.

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